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“I am an american artist raised in Spain and currently living in California, where I have established my practice. My dream is to reach the viewers and affect their perception of my work, making them participants of the artwork by allowing them to be affected by it’s movemen and aware of how their own emotions influence their interpretation of each artwork.

Merging technology and fine art, I digitally design 2D compositions based on geometrical interactions and bal- ance. Then I combine these geometries and transfer them to a solid support alternating different layers to accen- tuate the movement and depth. These layers are then fixed to a rigid canvas that, once framed, completes the piece. Most of my work is done using optical lenses with different levels of translucency and reflections in a range of colors, graphic patterns, textures and photographic elements; directly printed on the acrylic’s surface.

Having accomplished a Masters Degree in Architecture in Europe and practiced that profession internationally, my artwork gravitates upon the idea of geometry, form and shadows; evolving throughout the observer’s position and perception. The bright and fully saturated color palettes to which I instintively recur, are heavily influenced by the Venezuelan kinetic art movement that was conferred to me by my elders in my early childhood.

Each and every artwork I produce is limited in time or quantity. I collaborate mostly with local suppliers and busi- nesses to support the incredible art ecosystem of the Coachella Valley, which I am proud to be part of.”


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